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​​​Mat Pilates ATX mission is empowerment through Pilates, a mind/body exercise method that’s 100 percent effective at building strength, mobility and well-being as part of recommended exercise guidelines for adults. 

We distill thousands of hours of learning, teaching and practicing Pilates to create classes that keep you moving and learning. We also apply full body barre exercise strategies to standing and balancing exercises based on Barre Above ® principles.

Meet our owner and lead Pilates teacher and coach, Laura.


Mat Pilates ATX is Austin’s playful pop-up Pilates studio serving student clients from south Austin, southwest Austin, and Hays County. Mat Pilates ATX offers group fitness classes twice a week. Private and Semi-Private Pilates Sessions in Circle C Ranch with Mat, Reformer and Chair are available.  

Our affordable, in-person Pilates group classes meet at the Circle C Ranch Community Center. All you need is your own Pilates mat. Classes are “open level,” which means two things:

1. Students are empowered and encouraged to make choices that are best for their bodies.
2. Students may be working at different levels and abilities. 

Are you looking to exercise for the purpose of weight loss? If you want to lose weight for the last time and create a healthy lifestyle that's unique to you, we can coach you through that process no matter what your exercise habit is today. 

We encourage exercising as a healthy habit that's independent of our body size and weight. One of the healthiest things we can do is to separate our exercise goals from our weight and relationship with food, and keep moving with compassion and curiosity.

Our mat Pilates classes are accessible to everyone inspired to keep moving and improve their core strength, balance, stamina, coordination, and mobility. Students learn challenging variations and progressions of mat exercises and use props such as exercise balls, Pilates Magic Circles, weights, elastic bands and more.

Read more about Open-Level Pilates Classes.

We offer private and semi-private Pilates-based fitness training at a private studio equipped with Pilates apparatus including mats, Balanced Body reformers, and a Peak Pilates Exo chair. Beginners are welcome.

Private and semi-private (2 people) Pilates sessions are customized to meet your goals including but not limited to getting back in shape, strengthening after an injury, recovering from burnout, restoring strength and improving body awareness before and after pregnancy (prenatal/postnatal), and improving strength, endurance and movement patterns for athletic performance.

Duet reformer classes are offered for students with Pilates experience including reformer.

Learn more about training with Pilates equipment including mat, reformer and chair and our approach to Pilates as a fun and playful mind/body exercise.

How to Buy and Book Your Classes with PocketSuite

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