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What to Expect in an Open Level Mat Pilates Class

Mat Pilates ATX Group Mat Class Format

Our open level class combines exercises that move the spine through forward flexion*, extension and rotation in all body positions including:

  • Standing - including traditional squats and lunges and balancing exercises

  • Seated on the floor (rolling up, rolling down, rolling like a ball**)

  • Lying down, face up (supine) (the Pilates "Series of 5" also known as the "ab series", and hip/glute bridges)

  • Lying down, face down (prone) (e.g., swan or the similar yoga exercise known as cobra, baby cobra)

  • Lying on the side with bent or straight legs ("booty" exercises) - These are also balancing exercises.

Each class aims to teach 4-6 different exercises in each of these positions.


In an open level class, exercises may have variations for different conditions, experience, and abilities.

We encourage autonomy, empowerment and knowing and trusting yourself and your body.

*Forward flexion refers to bending ("flexing") the spine toward the legs, and although it is safe for many bodies, forward flexion exercises are contraindicated for persons with osteoporosis, spinal fusions and other disc conditions because of the load that flexion puts on the vertebrae. We teach "tall back" or "neutral spine" exercises as an option for persons who are avoiding forward flexion. 

**Rolling exercises in Pilates including rolling like a ball, open leg rocker, jackknife, boomerang, seal, and crab. They are not for persons with osteoporosis, spinal fusions and other disc conditions.

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