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Hello, I'm Laura

I'm Laura Bond Williams, owner of Mat Pilates ATX and its lead teacher. I help people keep moving, like their bodies, and even enjoy the way they move. My Pilates journey began as a client in 2012 while I was recovering from sacroiliac joint dysfunction and associated back pain and sciatica, and my physical therapist recommended Pilates.

I began my Pilates teacher training in 2014 with master trainers from Pilates Sports Center and studied movement principles and exercises for Pilates apparatus including the mat, reformer, Cadillac, and chair. 

In 2020 I retired from my public relations and marketing career to help people feel more empowered in their lives and their bodies. I became a professional life coach in a one-year program learning new tools for making more confident decisions, embracing our strengths, managing our time and attention, and even to stop overeating and overdrinking. At every age, we can learn new ways of moving through life with ease and awareness.

My one-on-one coaching clients include executives in transition managing career changes, retirement, and new paths. I also coach individuals on improving their relationship with food and alcohol so that they feel better in their bodies, create new habits, and achieve new goals including weight loss. Learn about my coaching practice here.

I'm a Pilates student, too, so that I can continue dancing and performing. Since 2008, I've performed in dozens of community theatre shows and events and currently perform with STILLDANCINGATX. I love a good Broadway dance class or “Thriller” flash mob and love taking the stage anywhere from the Long Center to a parking lot. I enjoy going to adult dance classes throughout the Austin area.

Certifications: Pilates Sports Center, Barre Above(r), The Life Coach School


Teaching Experience: Pilates South Austin, B Pilates Austin, Ballet Austin Butler Community School, V Bodies; Texas State University McCoy College of Business (Communications and Professional Development)

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