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What to Expect in a Pilates Reformer Duet Class, Semi-Private  or Private Session


Do you have experience working out on a Pilates reformer and want a Pilates class with personalized attention?

Or you like doing mat Pilates and want to add Reformer workouts to complement advanced exercises in your mat practice. 

With two Balanced Body Allegro 1 reformers, Balanced Body mats, and a Peak Exo Chair, our studio is well-equipped for "duets" -- personalized workouts for two people. (We also have Pilates "Magic" Circles, bands, and balls, oh my!)

Learning and "doing Pilates" means layering experience, self-awareness, and knowledge of Pilates and your body into every workout. Each one feels familiar and still unique. You and your teacher know what you want to work on and why. Together we create a class that feels good and challenging. 

Here's what to expect in our two-person, Reformer Duet classes at the Mat Pilates ATX studio.

1. First, please arrive five minutes before class time to take off your shoes and talk about how your body feels that day. 

2. Then, meet your classmate and get ready for a deliberate and brisk approach to Pilates exercises and its principles: breath, alignment, centering, flow, concentration and precision. 

3. Get into the studio and get moving! Each reformer class teaches, reviews, or refines hundreds of Pilates reformer and mat exercises and variations. We might climb a tree (or hug a tree),  pull straps, and row.  We may tap into our animal shapes with elephant, swan, and snake, and our mystical "mermaid." We tease out nuances in our favorites like teaser and coordination, and there's (almost) always time for feet in straps!

In a Reformer Pilates duet class, students are responsible for knowing how to: 

  • Get on and off the carriage safely and with control. 

  • Work on the reformer in at least four positions: seated, on their back, on their stomach, and on their sides.

  • Change their springs and move the footbar when directed.

  • Put their sitting box in long and short positions on the carriage.

  • Make decisions that are best for their body that day.


Experienced students may learn to perform some exercises while kneeling and standing on the reformer.

If you are new to Pilates and want to learn to work out on the reformer, our 4+4 Friends & Family Package is a great way to get started with Pilates. With four privates and four semi-private reformer duets, you get personal attention and time to workout with a friend, spouse, or partner. 

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