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What is a Pilates Reformer Duet Class and Semi-Private Duet Session?

Mat Pilates ATX offers Pilates-reformer based workouts for two people -- we call that a "duet."


What's a Duet Class? Studio sets the date and time. Reserve your spot in advance.

What's a Pilates Duet Semi-private? Two partners commit to a recurring date and time.

Both ways you get the attention and service of a semi-private session for a group class rate.

Pricing is the same for both types of Pilates duets.

Duet Class.png

Classes are open to persons with Reformer experience including knowledge of most beginner and intermediate Reformer exercises.

If you are new to Pilates, a semi-private session is our recommendation to learn about the Reformer and Pilates exercises while working out with a partner or friend.

Duets can be for any two people who want more time together. Over the years, we've taught duets for husband and wife duos; siblings; best friends who want to spend more time together.  

Can we teach a duet to people with different levels of experience? Yes, in the semi-private duet session, we design it to teach safe progressions for new students and challenge students with more Pilates experience.

For persons new to Pilates and the reformer, we recommend the semi-private duet or a package of private lessons. Please text us for more info.

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