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  • Mat Pilates ATX is the playful pop-up studio with in-person  mat Pilates classes for teens and adults in Southwest Austin, Texas.

  • We apply the classical Pilates full-body approach and order of exercises to our mat Pilates classes and include contemporary variations for every body.

  • We make Pilates fun for everyone who wants to get stronger and feel better in their bodies.

  • Our teachers have logged thousands of hours as Pilates teachers and students. Our training includes Barre Above certification offering unique combinations of standing, bodyweight and aerobic exercises.

  • Open class level is accessible to everyone inspired to keep moving to improve their balance, stamina, coordination, flexibility and strength.

  • When you learn the Pilates Method and its exercises, you empower yourself. You'll always be challenged because Pilates is a practice, not perfection.

  • The Pilates Method is a mind/body exercise system that works with your nervous system, not against it. You may feel both energized yet relaxed after a workout, and that means it's working.

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