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How to Do Pilates for Free This Summer

My rapport with my private students sometimes goes something like this:

Them: [talking about their dog while doing footwork on the reformer]

Me: "Do you know how I can tell you're doing Pilates?"

Them: "How?"

Me: "Neither of us is talking."

And we laugh about it, and then it gets quiet again. Focus, control, stamina, breath, flow and movement from the center of the body.

Pilates gets a lot of credit for being a sophisticated workout. Subtle changes can take an exercise from easy to exacting and from cruising to challenging with a simple shift.

But the truth is you do not need a teacher standing over you to "do Pilates right." You can do mat Pilates for free and on your own anywhere you go.

Besides working out at your home -- ALWAYS FREE -- we've got FREE standing core and mat Pilates 101 workouts this summer on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:10 a.m. before our mat class begins at 7:30 a.m. Come learn some new moves with us.

Then, join us for our second annual Freedom to Move Mat Pilates Class on Thur., July 4, 2024 at the Circle C Community Center in Austin.

Our July 4 mat class is FREE when you sign up the day before. On July 4, drop-in/walk-ups are $15, and net proceeds will be donated to a local veteran support program. If you sign up for class and do not attend, the class reservation will be canceled and assessed a $15 late cancel fee.

You can sign up in advance one these ways. The process includes signing a waiver and a simple fitness form, and your credit card is used to reserve your spot. (Your credit card is used only for late cancels/no shows for each reservation, and credit card information is not stored by Mat Pilates ATX or its parent, Laura BW Coaching & Consulting LLC.)

Although all free classes require a credit card for to reserve your place, our late cancel/no show policy is not applied to 15-minute classes.

To sign up for our free mat pilates class or one of our 15-minute weekday workouts, choose one of these ways:

  1. Text "FREE" to 512-361-4346

  2. Send email to info [at] matpilatesatx [dot] com with "FREE" in the subject line

  3. Go to Mat Pilates ATX class app link and choose "Book a Class" and go to FREE and follow directions.

For mat class: Please bring a mat that is at least 1/2" or 5/8") thick and preferably sticky or that has a sticky side.

For standing core: Bring a single weight between 5 and 15 pounds.

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